‘My date banned my dog from his house – I can’t decide if it’s a deal breaker’

They say ‘opposites attract’ – but sometimes two people can be far too different to actually work out.

One person was left in a predicament after the man they are dating banned their dog from visiting his home.

The singleton admitted it’s a “deal breaker”, but took to Reddit for reassurance from fellow dog owners.

The post written by HiTide2020 read: “We’ve been dating since February. I was falling for him. He is funny, outgoing, adventurous and whip-smart.

“However, he has three autonomous vacuums, complains about dog hair (even when his vacuum’s cleaned everything) and many other things I don’t see being big deals.”

From leaving a cup in his bedroom to putting the hand towel back on the rail crooked, there are numerous details the pair disagree on.

“I honestly don’t feel secure dating him, as strong as my feelings are,” they said.

“Plus he told me he didn’t want to be official yet. I was ready to be official last month.”

On top of feeling insecure in the relationship, the man has banned his date from bringing their dog round his house.

“I told him his refusal to accept my dog, and to be official were deal breakers for me,” they said.

Now, the pair are on a two-week communication break to consider their priorities and whether they really are a good match.

The post finished by asking: “Fellow dog owners, would a person who refuses to have your dog at their house be a deal-breaker?”

More than 300 Reddit users have taken to the comments section to share their opinions and advice, with many warning the dog owner away from him.

“I’m sorry but you two just don’t sound compatible,” one person said.

“He doesn’t want to be with you. He doesn’t see you in his future. What else do you need? This is beyond the dog and the annoyances you do. He’s not into you,” another agreed.

“If it gets serious and he doesn’t want to live with your dog you are going to have to decide. You already don’t feel safe. Something is telling you this relationship isn’t right. Listen to it,” a third said.

Many people deemed his actions “red flags” and labelled him “controlling”.

“I’m in shock that no one here has suggested that this whole ‘leave no evidence and not going official thing’ is proof you’re a side chick,” one person said.

Others supported the slogan “dogs before dudes” and told them to prioritise their four-legged friend.

“You had your dog before you had that man. The man goes. My pets are my family, I’m not giving them up for anyone,” a pet parent wrote.

“My dog is my life and and if some bloke didn’t accept him, I would make myself scarce until he changed his mind. And… if he didn’t, I would choose my dog,” another agreed.

Though some people disagreed and said it didn’t have to end the relationship.

“Not everybody is a dog lover, so this isn’t a deal-breaker in my personal opinion. It all comes down to you, do you want to live with somebody who loves dog as you do?” someone wrote.

A user amusingly added: “He sounds insufferable. Are you dating my ex?”