Mum kindly gifts struggling stranger free toys for her kids – but they demand more

Doesn’t it feel good when you give something away to someone in need?

It’s so nice to see the look of genuine gratefulness on someone’s face when they’re collecting something you’ve used and loved, and it’s good to know it’ll get a whole new lease of life in someone else’s household.

But sometimes, people may overstep the mark when they’re invited to collect things, and that’s why this mum took to Mumsnet – to rant about people who took it too far when collecting some toys her children didn’t play with much anymore.

She wrote: “So we decided to give some toys away for free to a woman who posted on local Facebook page saying she is struggling with money as a single mum of twins (boy and girl) and was worried about their upcoming 7th birthdays.

“She was delighted, said they’d make ideal presents and was super grateful. My only stipulation was she comes to collect them herself.

“So last night she turned up…with another couple. Fine, they have a van so makes sense (quite bulky toys: Barbie dollhouse, Avengers plane etc). But then the other woman in the couple starts asking me if I’m giving any other toys away for free, or even kid’s clothes, as their kids could do with some stuff too.

“I was a bit unimpressed but just sort of smiled and said no. But then (and honestly can’t even believe this happened as I type this) the (quite big) dude actually walks through into the play area we’ve set up in the conservatory and starts going through the other toys. Toys we’re keeping!

“When I asked what he was doing, he said he was just seeing what other toys they could take, like I hadn’t just made it clear only the stuff in the hallway was to be taken.

“So obviously lost my st a bit and told him we weren’t Toy R Us and he was like ‘alright, calm down love’ while his wife / GF gave me a right look and I swear I heard her say ‘stupid b*h’ under her breath. The original woman we were helping did look super embarrassed, to be fair to her.

“They stormed past me and start loading the toys up, giving me filthy looks as they did and I just wanted them out of the house as honestly felt a little threatened by then and hubby was at footie (kids were playing upstairs thankfully).

“But then they realised they can’t fit the mega dollhouse in so ask to come back the next day. I say not possible as I’m out, and the dude said ‘well that’s the only time we can do it’ and that was it, I was done with them so I just said ‘dollhouse withdrawn from offer then’ and closed the door on them. They actually knocked a few times then eventually left.

“But now I’m feeling all sorts of guilt. I did email the woman to explain how I felt about it all, but if she has other people who can help her get the dollhouse then she can still have it but she has left me on read.

“Am I being unreasonable for withdrawing the dollhouse? She did get an Avengers plane and easel plus some other bits for free. I just couldn’t deal with the idea of those cheeky f***ers turning up again!”

People were equally as horrified at the actions of the visitors, reassuring the mum she hadn’t done anything wrong.

One wrote: “Don’t feel guilty. They sound like complete chancers and thieves! Just block them and move on.”

“This sounds planned to me. I bet you this stuff gets sold on”, another said.

Someone else fumed: “Entitled, grabby, disgusting scum is how I’d describe people like that. Perhaps it’s a bit harsh but I couldn’t give two s***s.”