Neighbour divides opinion over ‘threatening’ Wi-Fi name to get dog to shut up

Listening to a dog bark for hours on end is annoying, especially when the owner doesn’t do anything to stop it.

But while most people simply go inside, stick on some music and forget about their neighbour’s dog for a short while, others take matters into their own hands.

One annoyed neighbour has been trying to “subtly” share his outrage by changing his Wi-Fi name in hope the owner will get the hint and better control their dog.

Writing on Reddit, the man explained how he changed his Wi-Fi name to “Shut your f***ing dog up” with a section connection called “Or I will call the cops”.

Claiming his plan worked, the man, who lives in a shared accommodation unit, said: “This is how I got my neighbour’s dog to shut up.”

While most users laughed at his “outside of the box” idea, others slammed him for sharing such an “abusive” and “threatening” message.

One user said: “Seriously. Just knock on the door and let him know nicely or even leave a note with your name and unit number. Have you ever spoken to him in any way about it before?

“If I’m being disruptive, I’d expect my neighbour to let me know before calling the cops or animal control or whatever.

“All my neighbours have my phone number, and if it’s late and I’m disturbing them, I told them they can just send me a text message or call.

“This doesn’t even seem like it would be that effective. I’d assume he’s been online on his computer before, and it’s probably not every day that he’d need to check which wireless networks are available. I only check mine like once a month if it disconnects for a random reason.”

While another added: “This is hilarious and even better that he says it actually worked. Sometimes you have to send a petty message to get your thoughts across.

“I might have to try it in my neighbourhood with a dog who barks from morning until night. I don’t understand how the owners can tolerate it themselves – unless their not home, which is another issue in itself.”

A third user said: “I hate to be the buzzkill but if they have it set so they automatically connect to their network, they’ll never see this.”

In the UK, neighbours who have to endure a dog’s barking at all hours of the day can report their owner to the local authority, who has a duty to investigate any noise complaints in their area.

If their complaint is proven, they can take formal action to prosecute the owner for causing ‘injury to a person’s health ‘ or ‘interfering with their enjoyment of their property’.

Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, owners who don’t stop their animal causing noise are ‘liable on summary conviction for a fine not exceeding level 5 on the standard scale’, as well as ‘a further fine for each day on which the offence continues’.

While a level 5 offence on the standard scale was previously capped at a maximum of £5,000, it is now subject to an unlimited fine.

A Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs spokesperson said: “For crimes committed after March13, 2015, level 5 has been done away with and all criminal penalties expressed as being punishable on summary conviction by a maximum fine of £5,000 or more, or expressed as being a level 5 fine, are now punishable by a fine of any amount (i.e. unlimited).