DIY Wax Paper Candle Holder



Electronic tea lights (only use electronic lights for this project, as actual candles could cause the wax paper to burn)

Wax paper
Although it’s not necessary, you can use masking tape to keep the holder together once it’s completed.

1. Tear a strip of wax paper from a roll. It should be about a foot long. You can vary the length depending how tall you want your candle holder to be.
2. Next, bring up the folded section of paper to about half an inch below where you left the bottom of the sheet in the previous step.
3. Repeat the previous step with the next fold.
4. With your fold layers facing outward, create a cylinder by bringing each side of the wax paper together and nesting one end within the folds.
5. Pop an electronic tea light in there, and you’re ready to go!


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